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Skelly Houndstooth Tee

$25.00 / Coming Soon

What would happen if you combine a cheese grater with a plate? You’d have a Skelly Houndstooth Tee!

Hi, Low Country Kingdom here for the Skelly Houndstooth Tee! It’s no ordinary plate. Watch this.

Grate cheese with ease – Parmesan, Romano, even Asiago. There’s no wrong way to use it. Back and forth, side to side, round and round, all the cheese stays in the plate. Pass it around the dinner table and grate as you go.

Use it for pasta, pizza or salads. For zest, it’s the best. Whether is a lemon, lime or orange, you get perfect results each and every time. You can’t mince garlic with one of these and if you use a press, it’s a mess! Watch this.

You can puree garlic fast, quick and easy, and all the natural juices stay right in the plate. It gives you the consistency of garlic butter without the butter. Add a little olive oil and herbs, and it becomes a dipping plate.
Soft enough for little hands and it won’t even pop a balloon! The secret is the hardened, tempered ceramic design that never dulls. It’s triple glazed so nothing sticks.

Don’t cut a finger trying to grate ginger with one of these. The Skelly Houndstooth Tee is the best ginger grater. There’s no strings and all the essence stay right on the plate. Use it for baking, chocolate, cinnamon – even coconut is no match for the Skelly Houndstooth Tee.

Call now and we’ll send you the Skelly Houndstooth Tee for just $25.

But I’m just getting started. With every order, we’ll include the Roll ‘n’ Peel. Take a clove and give it a roll. Peel all the garlic you like without ever touching it. You’ll even get the gathering brush to mix all the flavors together and top your favorite foods. You get it all, a huge value all for just $25.